About Us

The Ardent Leader  provides real-world insights and advice to help future leaders climb the corporate ladder and advance their careers.

Whether you’re a new or experienced manager, executive, or someone who’s dreamed about becoming a leader in the future, my mission is to provide you with the insights and skills to be successful in an evolving corporate environment, where the rules for advancement are often unwritten.

I share advice from real executives with real experience on what it takes to become a leader, how to lead with integrity and respect, and what it means to be a leader.

Hi, I’m Linda Yeh and I have a passion for helping others succeed. After spending over 20 years climbing the corporate ladder and reaching my goals of leading in the C-suite at start-ups and established corporations and managing teams of 1 to over 500 employees, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks of how to advance my career and be a respected and compassionate leader.

As a minority female from humble beginnings, raising three young girls, I know first-hand the many obstacles minorities and working moms often face in the corporate rat-race. To even the playing field, I am sharing my experience and knowledge so others have an easier, or a better understanding of the, path to career success.

I’m paying it forward, so you can make a difference.